Agile Games: A Core Teaching Tool

Dice throw

Agile doesn’t have to be dry and boring, and games are great learning tools.

When you turn a complex concept into a game, you lower the stakes and invite fun into the process. Plus, learning games can inspire higher levels of motivation and engagement.

If you spend your time guiding folks in an Agile environment, you need a list of hands-on activities that can help your teams with everything from Retrospectives to technical debt.

My favorite place to find new games to try with my teams is Silly name, but a great resource for agile games of all varieties. 

Here are some of my top games for Agile Teams:

Before choosing just any game for your team, think about their maturity level. Avoid throwing an inexperienced team into the deep end before they’re ready. And do your best to never subject an experienced team to a game for beginners.

What are your favorite Agile Games? Tell us about them below!

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